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Checking on stock levels for an assembly is time-consuming. Our manufacturing software reduces manual checks by updating inventory in real time. So whether it’s a simple kit or a multi-layered assembly, one look at inFlow shows you what it will cost and how much you can make.

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Prioritize manufacture orders

Check on your list of open manufacture orders at any time. Quickly sort orders based on deadlines or what you’re able to make with the parts you have now. Or just star them and tackle whatever is at the top of the list.

Build piece by piece

inFlow makes it easy to organize complex assemblies—even ones with multiple sub-assemblies—one piece at a time. Pick and build one sub-assembly at a time, or complete the whole order at once. You’ll have full control over how you want to build.

inFlow is a leader in manufacturing software

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Build costing into your process

Since inFlow tracks your incoming purchase orders, you’ll always know the cost of your raw materials or sub-assemblies.

Detailed bill of materials (BOM) show you which parts make up an assembly, how many are needed, and how much it will cost to make. You can also check on whether that part is used as a component in any other builds.

Track your assembly
every step of the way

Manufacturing routing, which we call operations, describes all of the steps required to assemble a product. Aside from instructions, you can also record any fixed costs, and how long you think the task should take.

When it’s time to build you can tick off each operation in sequence to track your progress.

Flexible manufacturing software

Do you prefer to build after sales come in? No problem, inFlow can create manufacture orders automatically after each sale.

Sell your products online? inFlow connects to over 40 ecommerce platforms so you’ll always see your newest orders and your stock stays synced across all of your stores.

You’ll have all the right parts for success with inFlow

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